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Road #: SJVR 2121 Equipment: BL20-2 Train ID: ---
Date: 2014-08-09 Location: Bakersfield, CA Photo #: ---
Description: The last rays of sun light filter their way through the layer smog hanging over the southern San Joaquin Valley to give a soft warm illumination the motive power at rest in Bakersfield. San Joaquin Valley Railroad number 2121 is one of the three BL20-2s built by EMD in the early 90's in a not so successful attempt to get into the rebuilt locomotive market. Waiting for it's next assignment along with 2121 is SJRV 3001, a PR30B Genset. In the background the power for Union Pacific's Bakersfield base local, GP15-1 number UPY 623 is tied up across from the ex-Southern Pacific Bakersfield depot.
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