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Road #: UP 3998 Equipment: SD70M Train ID: ---
Date: 2015-02-16 Location: Goldtree, CA Photo #: ---
Description: Trouble with the second unit, wet rails, and possibly some help from the flange greaser in the foreground have lead this northbound baretables train to stall near the south end of the former siding of Goldtree on its climb up Cuesta Grade. It now waits, with its train of empty well cars strung back over Stenner Creek Trestle towards San Luis Obispo for the SLO based helpers to couple to the rear and help it over the Grade. Northbound bartalbes trains on the Coast Line are a rare occurrence, but with work slow downs at the twin ports of Los Angels and Long Beach several were run. This one's destination is Soledad where it will leave its cars in the siding, and then run back to San Luis as light power, picking up several other setout engines along the way.
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