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Coast Line Freights

This is a list of freight trains that operate on the UP (ex SP) Coast Line. This line is comprised of the UP Coast Sub, the UP Santa Barbara Sub, and the Metrolink Ventura Sub. For this list, trains that operate solely in the San Jose Bay Area and the LA area on this line have been excluded. They can be found in list for their respective area.

The list of Locals is divide into those operating on the Coast Sub(north of San Luis Obispo), and those operating on the Santa Barbara Sub (south of San Luis Obispo). No locals, with the very occasional exception of the Guadalupe Local, cross over this boundary. The Guadalupe Local can make a very occasional run to North Chorro to pickup or setout MOW cars on the spur located there. Locals operating on the Coast Sub are based out of Watsonville Jct. Locals operating on the Santa Barbara Sub are based out of Guadalupe, Oxnard, or Gemco Yard in Van Nuys.

It should be noted that this is not an a perfect list. Officer or Customer Specials, work trains, reroutes, and occasional other trains do show up on the Coast Line. It should be noted that trains listed here can be subject to change by the Railroad.

This list was last updated on: 2015-06-26

Through Freights
Autos (empty) Milpitas, CA --- ---
Southbound empty auto racks from Milpitas. These run to various locations, with the three symbols listed (NG: Nogales, AZ; EG: Eagal Pass, TX; EP: El Paso, TX) being common ones, though others can be run. These trains are run as needed, as of this writing, three to five trains per week. They often will pass through the San Jose area before the morning CalTrain commute rush, and spend the day working their way down the Coast Line, reaching the LA area in the late afternoon to early evening.
IOA __ R
I __ LBR
Intermodal (empty) --- --- ---
Empty intermodal trains (aka baretables) have become more common on the Coast Line within the last few months. As of this writing a typical week will see 1 - 3 trains, though all are run as needed so there is no set schedule. Through trains from Oakland to various yards in the LA area account for most of these trains. Trains bound for ICTF in Long Beach (IOALBR) are the most commonly run by far, though trains bound for East Yard in Los Angeles (IOALAR), and City of Industry (IOACIR) are not uncommon.

In addition to the through trains "siding stuffers" (IOA __ R) can be run south from Oakland to drop off well cars in unused sidings on the Coast Line for storage. The counterpart moves to these typically happen several weeks to months later when the cars are needed, and typically are run south to Long Beach (I __ LBR). In both cases the blanks are a placeholder for the siding the train is running to or from. Occasional northbound runs from LA can take place, though these are rather rare.
ODOWP Oil Dolores Yard (Long Beach) CA Wunpost CA ---
Empty oil cans north. This train runs from Dolores (Carson, CA) where it is emptied to Wunpost, CA in the San Ardo Oil Field where it is loaded. This train usually runs one to two times each way a week with a day between runs. It often departs Dolores after dark (around 2200), with a night run up the Coast Line. If it was late leaving or experienced delays in route it is not uncommon for the last leg of it's trip to be in daylight.
OWPDO Oil Wunpost CA Dolores Yard (Long Beach) CA ---
Loaded oil cans south. This train runs from Wunpost, CA where it is loaded south to Dolores Yard (Carson, CA). Helpers are always used between Santa Margarita and San Luis Obispo. This train usually runs one to two times each way a week with a day between runs. On days it runs, the cans often departs Wunpost some time in the late afternoon to early evening, after both Amtrak Coast Starlights are out of the way, and the crew has had time to put the train together. If the train was late getting going, or had other delays it can often make the last stretch of its journey in daylight.

Coast Sub Locals (North of SLO)
Monterey Local
Local Watsonville Jct. CA Watsonville Jct. CA Mon-Fri
Also sometimes referred to as the Soledad Local. Originates at Watsonville Jct. Serves the industries between Watsonville Jct. and Salinas, CA. Usually gets going pretty early in the morning and often gets to Salinas between 0800 and 1000, though it can be much later if they had a lot of work to do in the yard. Typically will head back towards Watsonville Jct. from Salinas around 1100 to 1200. Most of the work this local does is within Salinas.
Hollister Local
Local Watsonville Jct. CA Watsonville Jct. CA Mon-Fri
Originates in Watsonville Jct. Serves industries in Gilroy, Morgan Hill and those on the Hollister Branch. On Mon, Wed, and Fri, it will work the industries in Gilroy and Morgan Hill. On Tue and Thurs it will work the industries in Gilroy first and then work the industries on the Hollister Branch. It usually departs Watsonville Jct. around 11:00 to 12:00 after Amtrak 11 has passed through. At one point this job ran on Sun also, though it is unclear if it still does.
Rock Job
Local Watsonville Jct. CA Watsonville Jct. CA Mon-Fri
Originates in Watsonville Jct. Serves the Granite Rock Quarry at Logan. The power will typically depart Watsonville Jct. around 1900 to run to Logan where its train will be picked up. Takes loads from Logan to San Jose, and brings empties back. Usually departs Logan after Amtrak 14 has passed through the area, and will return to Watsonville Jct. sometime in the wee hours of the night.
Santa Margarita Turn
Local Watsonville Jct. CA Watsonville Jct. CA Mon, Wed, Sat
Originates in Watsonville Jct. This train serves the industries from Salinas south to Santa Margarita. On Saturday it will run as far south as Paso Robles (furthers south customer). On Wednesday it will usually only run as far south as San Lucas. On Mondays it only serves the industries around Salinas helping out the LRQ31 (Monterey Local), though it is unclear if it is currently working Monday’s or not. It can occasionally run all the way to Santa Margarita if there are MOW car to pick up or drop off. While the Paso Robles Run usually happens on Saturday, occasionally it can happen on Wednesday instead. On Saturday, this train will usually depart Watsonville Jct. between 1200 and 1300, though during the week it can be run later. On the days it runs to Paso Robles it will often arrive there in the late afternoon or early evening depending on the season.
Salinas Hauler
Local Watsonville Jct. CA Watsonville Jct. CA Sun-Fri
Originates in Watsonville Jct. Moves outbound cars from Watsonville Jct. north to San Jose. In San Jose it picks ups the power from the days MRVSJ along with cars brought down from South San Francisco by the LRQ50 (Mission Bay Local), and takes everything to Newark. It will return light power to San Jose, where it will pick up cars bound for Watsonville Jct., and return to Watsonville Jct. This train runs at night, departing Watsonville Jct. sometime around 20:00 after Amtrak 14 has cleared, and usually returns before dawn.

Santa Barbara Sub Locals (South of SLO)
Guadalupe Local
Local Guadalupe CA Guadalupe CA Mon-Fri
Crew goes on duty around 07:00:
Mon, Wed, Fri: Switches cars in the yard at Guadalupe. Can run north to Oceano, Pismo, or SLO if needed, although usually only goes as far north as Callender to serve the coke plant located there.
Tue, Thur: Runs south to Surf, and then up the Lompoc industrial lead to Lompoc, and up the White Hills Industrial Lead. Can run north to Calendar if needed after it has returned from Lompoc. For the run to Lompoc it will depart Guadalupe some time after Amtrak 774 has cleared.
Day Bud Switcher
Local Gemco Yard, CA Gemco Yard, CA Tue, Thur
The day bud switcher is based out of Gemco Yard in Van Nuys CA, and works the industries north of Gemco Yard Mon through Sun. They tend to get started working between 0600 and 0800. On Tues and Thur it can run north to serve industries in the Simi Valley area if needed. If service is needed in the Simi area, the run to Simi is usually made from 11:00 to 13:00. Occasionally if there is an urgent load for Proctor & Gamble in Oxnard on the weekend this train will run all the way to Oxnard to spot it. On Sundays it can make a run to drop off and pick up cars at LATC (Shops Yard) down town.
Oxnard Local
Local Oxnard CA Oxnard CA Mon-Fri
On duty at ~06:30. Usually switches the yard first, then works the P&G spur just south of Oxnard. On Mon, Wed, Fri it will usually then work south to Camarillo or Somis as needed. On Tues and Thurs, it will run north to Ventura or up the Santa Paula Branch as needed though neither of these moves are very common. Once they return to Oxnard Yard they will interchange cars with the Ventura County Railroad before calling it quits for the day (usually around 1200-1300).
Leesdale Local
Local Gemco Yard Gemco Yard Wed
Departs Gemco Yard in Van Nuys around 15:00, although it can leave earlier. Heads north to Oxnard, where it drops off and picks up cars. Returns to Gemco Yard the same night.
Guadalupe Turn
Local Guadalupe Gemco Yard Tue, Fri
Departs Guadalupe around 15:00, after both Amtrak 798 and Amtrak 14 have passed by. Will often take siding at Capitan or Santa Barbara to allow Amtrak 11 and Amtrak 777 to pass. Picks up cars in Oxnard. Usually arrives in Gemco between 22:00 and 00:00.
Guadalupe Turn
Local Gemco Yard Guadalupe Mon, Thur
Departs Gemco Yard in Van Nuys around 15:00, although it can leave later if the train is too long, or if it has a lot of work to do in Gemco Yard. Does a set out in Oxnard and then continues to Guadalupe. Arrives in Guadalupe usually before midnight. This train also works any spurs north of Ventura (currently the only active one is Hayward Lumber at La Patera).

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