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Gemco Yard Locals

This is a list of local trains that originate in and serve Gemco Yard in Van Nuys, CA.
This list was last updated on: 2011-09-13

Serving Gemco Yard
LOF41 Day Bud Switcher Mon-Sun
This train spends the early daylight hours switching Gemco Yard and then works industries between Gemco and Chatsworth, usually leaving the yard between 08:00 and 09:00. On Thursdays it can run to Simi Valley to serve a lumber yard there. When it makes this run it usually leaves the Gemco area around 12:00 and returns by 14:00. On Saturdays it can also run to Oxnard if business warrants.
LOF42 Saugus Local Mon-Fri
This train spends the early daylight hours assembling their train in Gemco Yard. It usually departs between 07:00 and 09:00 and heads south to Burbank Jct. with a caboose leading. From there it heads up the Saugus Line (Metrolink Valley Sub) with the power now leading. It switches industries on Saugus Line, and between Burbank Jct. and Gemco. It usually returns to Gemco around 14:00. The power will lead for the return trip on the Saugus Line, and the Caboose is used again for the run from Burbank Jct. to Gemco Yard.
LOF49 Night Bud Switcher Sun-Fri
This train goes on duty around 20:30, and heads south about an hour to hour and a half afterwards. It can run all the way to LATC if needed, and serves customers in-between. It can also spend significant amount of time switching loads for the Budweiser plant just north of Gemco yard.
LOF65 Leesdale Local Wed
Departs Gemco Yard in Van Nuys around 15:00, although it can leave earlier. Heads north to Oxnard, where it drops off and picks up cars. Returns to Gemco Yard the same night.
LOF66 Guadalupe Turn Tue, Fri
Departs Guadalupe around 15:00, after both Amtrak 798 and Amtrak 14 have passed by. Will often take siding at Capitan or Santa Barbara to allow Amtrak 11 and Amtrak 775 to pass. Picks up cars in Oxnard. Usually arrives in Gemco between 22:00 and 00:00.
LOF67 Guadalupe Turn Mon, Thur
Departs Gemco Yard in Van Nuys around 15:00, although it can leave later if it is long, or it has a lot of work to do in Gemco Yard. Does a set out in Oxnard and then continues to Guadalupe. Arrives in Guadalupe usually before midnight. This train also works any spurs north of Ventura.
LOF74 Gemco to West Colton Hauler Mon-Sun
Leaves Gemco between 20:00 and 23:30. Arrives in West Colton around 6:00.
LOQ35 West Colton to Gemco Hauler Mon-sun
Leaves West Colton at about 19:00, and arrives at Gemco about 5:00. Does some switching in-between in LA.

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