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South Bay Area Locals

This list has been compiled by Matt Batryn and Nick George. Nick's site, South Bay Railfanning is a very good place to look for more information about railfanning in the south bay, and a potentially more up-to-date version of this list. The locals here are categorized by the facility which they originate from.
This list was last updated on: 2009-01-21

Note: 2014-07-05 This page is VERY out of date. A number of these jobs have been abolished and/or their scheduled have been changed. I will try to get an updated version put together one of these days.

Based out of South San Francisco
LRQ30 Broadway Local Sun-Fri
Runs from S. SF to San Jose, and then back up the peninsula, working industries between. Runs at night often leaving S. SF 23:00 to 01:00.
LRQ50 Mission Bay Local Sun-Fri
Runs from S. SF to San Jose, and then back up the penensula, working industries between. Runs at night often leaveing S. SF 23:00 to 01:00.
YSF70 South City Switcher Mon-Fri
Works from S. San Francisco up into San Francisco.

Based out of Milpitas
LRB32 Permanente Local Mon-Fri
Mon, Wed, Fri
Runs from Milpitas to San Jose, then up the Vasona Industrial Lead, all the way to the cement plant at Permenete if needed. (usually at least 2/3 runs per week).
Tue, Thur
Runs from Milpitas to San Jose, and switches local industries.
LRM35 ? Mon-Fri
Runs from Milpitas to Haward and services industries in between. Looks to start late in the afternoon, and run mostly at night.
LRM36R Granite Rock Local/North San Jose Switcher Mon-Fri
Serves Granite Rock plant and industries on the North San Jose Industrial lead.
LRM40R Milpitas Industrial Switcher Mon-Fri
Serves the maze of industrial tracks directly east of the Milpitas yard, including Smurfitt-Stone Corp, Larson Pallet, and Marzetti.
LRM46R ? Mon-Fri
Serves the San Jose Industrial Lead. Often just Clean Harbors and Franklin Distilleries, both of which are located south of Mabury Rd in San Jose.

Based out of Warm Springs
LRM50 ? Sun-Fri
Takes loaded auto racks from Warm Springs to Oakland and brings empties back.

Based out of Newark
LRB51 Newark Local Sun-Fri
Looks to switch some industries around Newark. North or South? Can go to Warm Springs if needed. Does this switch the sewage treatment plant by Alviso?
LRM54 54 Job Sun-Fri
Serves industries on Oakland Sub. Also looks as if it can run to Warm Springs and back to Newark.

Based out of Watsonville Junction
LRQ31 Hollister Local Sun-Fri
To Hollister and back, also serves industries in southern Gilroy.
LRQ40 Soledad Local Mon-Fri
Serves industries from Watsonville south to Soledad.
LRQ53 Rock Job Mon-Sun
Serves the Granite Rock Quarry at Logan. Loads from Logan to San Jose, and empties from San Jose to Logan. Usually runs late in the day to night.
LRQ81 Santa Cruze Local Mon, Wed, Fri
From Watsonville on Santa Cruz Branch. Serves the Davenport CEMEX Plant and industries on the line.
LRQ81B Santa Margarita Turn Mon
Serves industries south of Soledad to Santa Margarita. Some days has to run back the next day.
LRQ83 San Jose / Salinas Hauler Sun-Fri
Watsonville to San Jose and back. Can also go as far north as Newark.

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